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Sasser Family Place

Welcome to our brand new Sasser Family site.

Our goal is to further the study of our Sasser genealogy
and include the DNA testing on our Sasser surname.

We welcome all who are related to the Sassers.

We have descendants of many Sasser lines.


This research site is dedicated to reseaching
and sharing our Sasser Ancestry information.

By sharing of information we will crumble those brick walls.

It is a requirement of Sasser Family Place that a memberís individual trees be placed on the site.

This can be done under Family Trees or in the File Cabinet as a word (.rtf) document.

If you only have a little information that is enough for membership
as long as it is shared.
Tell us who you are and whom you descend from.
Perhaps we can help you find your remaining ancestors.

Thank you in advance for your sharing.

All genealogy will be found in the History section under their respective categories.

There will be a lot of information on the Sasser Family site and we hope you can contribute some data too!

For an invitation please click on Contact Administrator link.

Be sure to include your name, home state and a brief description of your ancestry.



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